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UX, UI Design and Development

UX, UI Design and Development

Our team of expert UI / UX Designer and specialists create visually stunning, functional and user friendly designs. Our User interface & User experience designers consistently produce intuitive web and mobile apps. We are passionate about designing and making purpose-driven websites and apps with focus on user experience. By creating user case profiles, wireframes and page designs, we bring the user interface design to life as the main component in your web experience.

UI stands for User Interface, which when combined with Design directs to the user interface design and is one of the cardinal constituents of the product that confront the user when he/she sets his/her eyes on the website. UI designers are also typically responsible for creating a cohesive style guide and ensuring that a consistent design language is applied across the product. Maintaining consistency in visual elements and defining behavior such as how to display error or warning states fall under the purview of a UI designer.

UX stands for User Experience and when combined with “Design”, implies a User Experience website. This design concept is based on how a user feels when he/she looks at the website aka the wide span. UX designers explore many different approaches to solving a specific user problem. The broad responsibility of a UX designer is to ensure that the product logically flows from one step to the next.

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