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SugarCRM Development

SugarCRM Development

Sugar specialized person and Enterprise editions can be positioned in manifold modes, depending on diverse factors such as size of organization, IT infrastructure and resources etc. In situations where organizations do not have the resources and infrastructure to manage the SugarCRM solution, Icreon offers to host and maintain the application on our servers. For clients who require the freedom to manage their SugarCRM application, we suggest the client-site mode of deployment wherein we customize and develop the solution as per the requirements and implement it at the client site.

SugarCRM is saleable open source Customer Relationship Management software that is designed to meet all the CRM requirements of organizations. It is developed using PHP and is available in both free and commercial editions.

The commercial editions of SugarCRM are ideal for medium and large scale organizations where the number of users is large. It is available in two versions, Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise, which provide additional features over and above the basic CRM functionalities. Sugar Professional comprises features such as addition with Microsoft Outlook, forecasting of sales, document related management, multiple deployment options etc. Sugar Enterprise includes features such as SQL reporting, offline client harmonization, and is perfect for organizations having a large number of users.

SugarCRM development is a feature-rich application that enables organizations to automate activities related to customers and customer relationships in a more organized manner. Various plug-ins and components available through the SugarCRM support group – Sugar Network – can be easily integrated with the Sugar Open Source and Professional editions enabling them to be upgraded to the Sugar Enterprise edition.

  • Safety as well as security features permit the formation of different access levels and user roles in order to limit access.
  • Users can set their preferences and customize the display and layout of various interfaces in the application.
  • SugarCRM comprises incorporated RSS feeds permitting users to identify the content they wish to Outlook
  • Discussion Forums can be integrated with the solution enabling users to easily share and exchange information on any topic.
  • Provides support for offline synchronization where users can work offline and update the data in the system when they logon to the network.
  • Includes plug-ins for Microsoft Word enabling the SugarCRM data to be accessed and used in letters etc.


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