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CRM Development

CRM Development

Webornate Technologies offers open source CRM business software for customer relationship management solutions - both cloud-based and on premise CRM softwares - for sales, marketing, customer support with email, mobile and social CRM integration. Open Source software is at the heart of SugarCRM's customer relationship management systems which makes it the affordable solution for large, medium sized and small businesses. SugarCRM is a commercial open source Customer Relationship Management software that is designed to meet all the CRM requirements of organizations. It is developed using PHP and is available in both free and commercial editions.

Managers can view details of all customer interactions and can monitor and track customer issues and effectiveness of the responses to the same. Bug and issue escalation features are built into the solution.

Managers can store, track and share sales data across the organization. The sales management module includes features to track and manage sales leads, opportunities and deal progress resulting in increased productivity. It includes options to store and view details of customers thereby improving the up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Sales managers can define teams, assign sales leads and analyze and monitor the effectiveness of the teams.

Managers can create and track multiple marketing campaigns. They can capture leads generated from the campaigns, categorize them according to various attributes and assign them to sales representatives.

Reporting: Detailed statistical reports can be generating enabling the effective monitoring of activities and performance. Reports can be drilled down to view a detailed analysis. Provides support for real time analysis of performances, in the form of reports, charts and graphs.

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